Trust Mutual Fund

Trust Mutual Fund is relatively new as compared to other seasoned Mutual Funds available in the market. The fund was set up in October of 2019 and is sponsored by Trust Investment Advisors Private Limited (one of the companies in the Trust Group). The fund adopts Limited Active Methodology In portfolio creation services and aims to provide a complete set of mutual funds across various categories.

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About Trust

Trust Asset Management Private Limited is the AMC for Trust Mutual Funds. It was incorporated in December 2017. The underlying principles used for managing assets of Trust Mutual Fund are,

Maintaining the character of the scheme and managing it as per the rules specified by SEBI, Adopting a credible investment process based on thorough research and analysis of the market as well as validated and back tested techniques., Aiming to provide low cost and low volatile returns to investors

These funds are offered under the direct plan as well as the regular plan. The key parameters used in the investment process to ensure high returns and a quality portfolio for the investors are :
Selection of the assets based on quality, liquidity, and stability factors
Creating the portfolio within the predefined deviations
Portfolio Optimisation based on limited active management techniques
Periodical review of the portfolio and the parameters influencing the same

Financial Details - Year 2021

  • 621.70 Cr Assets Under Management
  • - Cr Change in AUM
  • - % % Change
  • 2 Mutual Funds

Top Fund Managers

  • Mr. Anand Nevatia


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