Shriram Mutual Fund

Shriram Mutual fund is one of the earliest mutual funds in Indis being set up in early 1994. The fund was set up as a trust under the Indian Trust Act, 1882, and has been registered with SEBI from the end of the year 1994. This mutual fund provides high-risk direct and regular plans for its investors and has been generating decent returns for decades.

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About Shriram

Shriram Asset Management Co Ltd. is a part of the Shriram conglomerate in India. This AMC was incorporated in 1994 and has received permission and recognition from SEBI to act as an AMC for Shriram Mutual Fund since 1994. Shriram Credit Company Limited is the sponsor of Shriram AMC holding a 68.67% stake in the company. It is a Non-Deposit NBFC and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shriram Capital Limited. Shriram AMC is a listed company having its shares listed on the BSE.

Financial Details - Year 2021

  • 202.72 Cr Assets Under Management
  • 20.44 Cr Change in AUM
  • 11.21 % % Change
  • 4 Mutual Funds

Top Fund Managers

  • Gargi Bhattacharyya Banerjee


  • Kartik Soral


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