The Goldilocks Planet of Investment – Digital Gold

The Goldilocks Planet of Investment - Digital Gold

If you are a space buff and follow, all the latest updates in the space race, appalled by the beauty and mysteries of space you already know what a Goldilocks planet and probably why are we referring to Digital Gold as it. You can skip and straight away go to the section ‘Why is 24K Digital Gold A Better World for Gold Investment?’ Before we fly into the idea of Digital Gold being the better alternative world for gold investment, it would be wise to understand why are we referring to Digital Gold being a Goldilock planet and the source of this term.

Understanding the Concept of ‘Goldlilocks Planet’

It all starts with a fairy-tale: ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’. This is the story of a little girl with golden locks of hair who confidently walks into a home of a family of bears who aren’t at home and checks out her compatibility with their different sized chairs and beds. Of course, she eats all their porridge and does get caught in the end but indeed is the idea behind naming these special planets Goldilocks planet. 

A Goldilocks planet is all about the idea of finding a world that is possibly habitable by carbon-life forms, based on similar features and conditions that exist on Earth. This is extremely difficult to find despite the fact that the universe is limitless and scientists have found only a few possible Goldilocks planet with Earth-like living conditions. You could watch or recollect your memories of watching Christopher Nolan’s science-fiction opera, ‘Interstellar’. It has the concept of Goldilocks planets well explored.

How is Gold investment a Goldilocks Planet?

The immediate idea to buy and sell or trade gold would require a jewellery store or a bank. What if these options aren’t available due to circumstances that could vary from the store is too far to you are sitting at home due to a lockdown? You will need to find a Goldlick alternative for Gold. Digital Gold is not just the answer but it could be possibly a better alternative to regular Gold in multiple ways. However on the contrary in the literal sense of Goldilocks planets, there is no place like home when it comes to Earth and no matter how many Goldilocks planets there are in the universe, bursting with life, Earth is the only home planet we have.

Why is 24K Digital Gold A Better World for Gold Investment?

If regular Gold is Earth, then Digital Gold is a planet like Asgard with narcissistic God-like humanoids roaming around with hammers and staffs with special powers. Not really, that’s not true but in case you want to be an ‘InvesThor’ of Gold, Digital Gold is the right option for the following benefits:

  1. Pay only for 24K Gold: When you buy the jewellery store you are not paying for the gold you are also paying on metals and studded stones and gems. But that is different in the case of buying digital gold. Every rupee you invest is paid to pure 24K gold which has 99.9% of purity ridding it of making charges and precious stones that don’t have any resale value.
  2. The convenience of trading: We are all aware that buying gold can be time-consuming as you need to visit the jeweller, store or bank. With the digital gold investment, you can buy and sell gold online anytime and anywhere as per your comfort. You can even track your gold investment if you are buying gold on our app.
  3. Gold can be converted to cash in seconds: You can easily sell digital gold online anytime and anywhere. As soon as you sell the 24k gold the amount is successfully transferred to your bank account. Where in to liquidate the physical gold you need to visit the seller during the working hours and then you sell the gold.
  4. Zero storage hassles: We all know physical gold needs to be stored in bank locker and vaults, which come with long term expensive storage costs where digital gold saves from such hassles as it stores your accumulated gold in safe and secure vaults.
  5. Digital Gold investment doesn’t have to be a big amount: The best part about buying Gold online is that you do not have to buy large amount of Gold unlike at the stores and keep accumulating it over time by buying small amounts at a time. For example, on our app, you can buy gold for as low as ₹1000 at a time, regardless of what the price of Gold is at the time.

While you can be an ‘InvesThor’ of Gold on our app, do not forget that the most simple life forms are the most powerful and that a Goldilocks planet of gold investment requires simplicity like the scientifically almost immortal amoeba, to thrive.

‘We’re made of star stuff’ – Carl Sagan

Millennials and Investing in Gold

Millennials & investing in gold-08

The word millennial crops up in most contexts of the anguish to explain ‘Generation Y’, as they were earlier referred to as a bunch of people born post the baby boomer years who are significantly more sensitive and sensitized to the world around them and are being either too insensitive towards social norms and ideas being followed for generations. 

Millennials have often been considered to be the laziest and careless generation ever born because while the generations before the Millennials were hard-working and comparatively more sincere, they believed that ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ which is very far from the truth. Millennials recognized very early in their lives that ‘laziness is the mother of invention’ in reality and that everything today is invented because we just do not want to take the extra-pain of practical choices.

While a lot of people see this as an adversary effect on humankind, millennials are indeed more sensitive, open-minded, and experimental when it comes to new ideas and implementation of new ideas. One such proof is their re-inventing gold as a currency, but increasing the access to it through information technology and innovation.

Gold is truly a millennials choice for investment

As a millennial, it cannot be denied that we want more than we have because we almost get what we want in today’s world. But gold still remains to be one of the rarest metals in the planet often believed by scientists and their theory that large amounts of gold in the form of an asteroid entered the Earth’s atmosphere, scattering itself across the World long long time ago. While a lot of skeptics find it hard to believe, people acquainted with the fictitious metal ‘vibranium’ may be aware that fictitious Wakandans found this invincible and almost magical metal in a similar fashion.

While gold will not turn you into a superhero with the feels of a wild feline, it surely is associated with wealth because it never loses value and keeps getting more precious instead. Unlike titanium or platinum which can draw parallels with adamantium from the character Wolverine being far stronger, the rarity of gold makes it worth a lot more. But why is it convenient for millennials again? 

Gold is now available to be purchased digitally, both for investment or just buying it for your wedding. Yes, on our app, you can literally buy gold for investment or for someone’s wedding and save over some time. A lot of millennials who are beyond the exuberance of gold invest in gold mutual funds as their choice of investment because never has gold been deprived of its financial value over time. Yes, there are even Gold ETFs and Gold futures available as a golden investment opportunity but as a Millennial, you would choose the most convenient option being Digital Gold. Also, the super-secretive visits to buy Gold from a store and then having to take it to the bank locker for the fear of being robbed is also taken care of with Digital Gold. Digital Gold on our app comes with a free locker from MMTC- PAMP who guarantee the safety of a Millennials Gold. 

Millennials are a more educated bunch of individuals and they want the best in everything including MMTC-PAMP’s assurance of the 99.99% purity of the 24K Digital Gold. Hence, Digital Gold is truly a millennials choice of investment because Vibranium and adamantium do not exist in reality and of course all the other reasons that make Digital Gold more convenient to invest in.

“ Digital Gold, Forever”

5 Mysterious Gold Artefacts from Around the World

Gold Artefacts

You do not have to be an adventurer to know how quests and hunts for gold treasure make up for most of the adventure stories that we have heard. As an investor in Gold, it is quite riveting to find out that people were as obsessed with Gold even in the ancient recorded history. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting gold artefacts with intense back-stories.


Gold Rings of the Griffin Warrior

In 2015, the tomb of a 30-year-old Greek warrior was discovered by archaeologists in Southwestern Greece. Carbon-dating suggests that warrior belonged to 1500 BC and was known as the “Griffin Warrior.” The tomb contained 4 mysterious gold rings and had Minoan mythological imagery etched on it and were made of multiple layers of gold. Many believe that these rings were used to stamp official documents at the time. It is interesting because these rings mirror cultural communication between Minoans and Cretians and perhaps may not have powers like, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ but sure symbolize power. 

Great Golden Bell of Dhammazei

The Bell of Dhammazei located in Myanmar belongs to the 1500s. It was made out of an alloy of silver, copper and gold. It is said to weigh about 300 tons. However, a Portuguese mercenary Felipe de Brito dragged it to the Bago River, unlawfully. Due to the weight, the bell sank into the river. The bell was lost ever since and no amount of innovation has helped to locate it as the river changed its course for over 400 years ever since.

The Golden Rhino of Mapungubwe

The Golden Rhino of Mapungubwe is a gold artefact from South Africa is composed of thin sheets of gold foil that had been literally hammered delicately on a frame made out of wood. Of course, 9 kilos of golden jewellery and other artefacts have also been found. The figurine was discovered in 1932, with confusions about which race of people in Soth Africa were responsible for it as it was considered contradictory to the apartheid ideology. However, experts believe that the Rhino of Mapungubwe was made during the precolonial period, regardless.

Gold Plates of The Wind Gods

22 small golden plates were discovered in the Java island. Dating far back as 800s AD, the plates have carvings depicting religious and spiritual symbols of Javanese version of Hindu religion. The artefact of these plates was found by temple workers in the remains of a candi, or temple, found in Ringilarik village. The inscriptions give the cardinal directions of the wind gods of Javanese Hinduism. There are 8 different wind gods mentioned in the tablets. While the country is predominantly followers of Islam it was interesting to find hidden proofs of diversity.

Golden Crown of The Greek Goddess of Love

This is a hilarious tale because the artefact was found in the most unexpected place. In Britain, an old man found this under his bed inside a cardboard box that he had inherited from his grandfather. The artefact is approximately 2300-year-old and made of pure gold. Experts guess that it was made around 300 BC. The crown weight about 100 grams and was determined to be a myrtle wreath related to the goddess of love Aphrodite. The grandfather had supposedly travelled around in the 1940s and 1950s with a lot of interest in Alexander the Great. While were or he found this artefact will always be a mystery, such inheritance is considerably pleasant.

We wish that you too find such inheritance under your bed, left by your grandparents but it doesn’t happen often. However, building wealth with Digital Gold is not just a possibility but very convenient as well. 24K Digital gold is available for investment without any added costs, hassles of security, thanks to MMTC-PAMP’s gold custodian services and is easy to sell and even track online.

7 Quotes Worth Keeping in Mind For Gold Investment

7 Quote for Gold investment

We are mesmerized by Ted Talks and webinars but unfortunately, less than often do we actually are able to  implement it in our lives for real. However, with quotes, it is slightly easier because we are able to focus on a single point with each quote. The best part, however, is if they are backed by experience, they often become a way of life or a fact. One of the most contradicting and yet hard candy truth was sid by Gertrude Stein. She said, ‘Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping’. While we don’t want to believe this about happiness, it stands true for gold. But this is not it, for Gold, there is more.

7 Motivational Quotation Posts on Gold Investment

Perhaps nothing is more influential than a belief system that is backed by practical facts and statistics. Here are some famous quotes about Gold that Gold investors should  keep in mind when investing in Gold:

1. “Commodities such as gold and silver have a world market that transcends national borders, politics, religions, and race.”

Robert Kiyosaki, American Author

2. “The desire of gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom and benefit”

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Autho

3. “Gold is a treasure, and he who possesses it does all he wishes to in this world and succeeds in helping souls into paradise”

Christopher Columbus

4. Water is best, but gold shines like fire blazing in the night, supreme of lordly wealth.

Pindar, Ancient Greek Philosopher

5. “Gold and silver is money, everything else is credit.” 

– J.P. Morgan

6. “O Gold! I still prefer thee unto paper, which makes bank credit like a bark of vapour.”

Lord Byron, English Poet

7. Those entrapped by the herd instinct are drowned in the deluges of history. But there are always the few who observe, reason, and take precautions, and thus escape the flood. For these few gold has been the asset of last resort. — Antony C. Sutton, British-American economist

One thing common about all the above quotes is the fact that all their beliefs are believed on facts, research and experience. Gold is indeed in every possible way. For example, over the last 30 years, gold prices have shot up by 423% or the fact that during the recession in 2008-2009, while the Sensex had crashed almost 38%, Gold was able to generate a return of 24.58%. Hence, if you think that Gold is truly the gold standard of investment, you too can invest in Digital Gold or simply buy it to build wealth. 4K Digital gold is available for investment without any added costs, hassles of security, thanks to MMTC-PAMP’s gold custodian services and is easy to sell and even track online.


Why is Gold everyone’s favourite precious metal?

Does Gold possess some mystical powers where it even leaves expensive metals such as Titanium and Platinum less wanted? Is it a creation of divine to help us move from civilization to technological advancements and even beat the ruthlessness of the economy. It may not be dramatic as people think, but Gold indeed stands out when it comes to people’s demands from precious metals.

5 Reasons Why Gold Is The Most Popular Precious Metal 

1. One of the rarest precious metals:

While the number of gold mines or ores might contradict with this point as against others but it’s true that finding gold among all the natural resources is the most difficult as it is not only very difficult to mine because of its composition but rarely is it found in huge clusters.

2. It does not erode:

Gold is one of the least erosive metals in the periodic table. It might have a thin layer of dust but because of its non-reactive nature, it lasts longer than any animal’s lifetime.

3. Unique esthetically:

It has one of the most unique colours among precious metals and shinier than any. While some may mix other precious metals such as copper to create rose gold or silver to make white gold, the colour of gold simply stands out.

4. Gold prices always rise with inflation:

An undying demand for gold exists especially in the Indian market where it is considered auspicious and we have festivals solely dedicated to buying gold such as Dhanteras. In fact, over the last 30 years, gold prices have shot up by 423%.

5. Gold is one of the most reliable instruments for investment.

While it looks great at Indian weddings, delightfully brightening up the smile on a bride’s face and her in-laws, it is a very stable investment in the market. During the recession in 2008-2009, while the Sensex had crashed almost 38%, Gold was able to generate a return of 24.58%.

There is an added benefit or proof of gold’s powers but it stands true when you invest in it online, with us. 24K Digital gold is available for investment without any added costs, hassles of security, thanks to MMTC-PAMP’s gold custodian services and is easy to sell and even track online. If you want to use this gold for your personal requirements such as a family wedding or an everlasting gift for someone special, instead of getting their name tattooed on your body permanently, you can withdraw the gold in the form of gold coins. 

Please note that the delivery of these gold coins will be possible after the lockdown has been lifted completely, but we are guessing no one is getting married or finding special people in their lives to want to withdraw their gold investment at this time. Our experts recommend you to ‘buy’ and ‘hold’ your gold investments because, in these unsettling times, the only truth we are settled with is gold is here to stay.


6 Movies Gold Investors Need To Watch At Home

Gold investment lessons

This lockdown is the perfect opportunity to try something new or variant in terms of entertainment. While we have multiple streaming platforms to choose from, it is often difficult to find gold dust in the rivers of programmes and movies available at our disposable. While we love being spoiled by options, let’s try to go for gold in films. The movies here have been chosen based on their plot around the yellow precious metal or it forms at least a characteristic aspect of the movie.

6 Movies to Binge-watch This Lockdown That Are About Gold

Let’s take a look at some of the finest movies related to Gold. Some movies have found their place in this list despite having not being completely related to Gold but because they are also pure golden cinema. This is a spoiler-free list so that you can actually enjoy these movies.

the ballad of busters scruggs

Available on Netflix

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs – “All Gold Canyon”

Why is it Golden to Watch:

This is one of the most recent movies to be listed, and it finds its way here because of one particular story in this anthology. Although we recommend that people watch the whole movie, the story about Gold gives us a very dramatic, satirical and times even sympathetic situational drama in the western backdrop of how finding Gold dust and particles had become the way of life for some. It’s dark but probably the closest to what finding gold dust meant literally at the time.

Mackennas Gold

Available on Google Play & YouTube

Mackenna’s Gold

Why is it Golden to Watch:

At the time of the release of this movie Gregory Peck and Omar Sharif were at the peak of their careers and hence created a movie worth watching for years to come. This timeless tale is also set in the Western backdrop and could not have been more entertaining. Some of the characters might seem too eccentric for today’s World but the character ‘the Gold’ played in this movie was quite accurate. The mystical aspect of the movie is also worth watching.

The Italian Job

Available on Amazon Prime Video

The Italian Job(1969)

Why is it Golden to Watch:

The first Italian Job movie had the charming Michael Caine and a concept that was unheard of before, having mini coopers being used for gold bullion heist. While the enigmatic Michael Caine was fun to watch, the stunts carried out in the movie for the time were mind-blowing.

The Italian Job 2003

Available on Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and YouTube

The Italian Job (2003)

Why is it Golden to Watch:

This was also a heist movie with mini coopers, obviously missing Michael Caine but with some of the best names in Hollywood including the leads and veteran actors such as Donald Sutherland and Edward Norton. Equipped with better technology, fancy locations and cool and calculating characters the movie is extremely suave and cool to watch. However, where it fails miserably is in the fact that the stakes in the whole movie for the actors do not seem very severe except being thrown into the river inside a mini-van and surviving it with oxygen masks. It was a little confusing to watch them survive been thrown into the icy-cold river, but we are used to Rohit Shetty movies.

Charlie Chaplin

Available on YouTube and GooglePlay

Charlie Chaplin’s The Gold Rush

Why is it Golden to Watch:

Nothing that can be said about this movie is enough to commemorate the powerhouse performance and story of one of the best Charlie Chaplin movies of all time. While you can watch this movie with your kids, it’s adults who will notice the grim backdrop of the American era of the gold rush, echoing the capitalism that prevails in the country and how this movie is still relevant symbolically even in this day and age.

Raiders of the lost arc

Available on Netflix, Google Play & YouTube

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Why is it Golden to Watch:

It would be unjust to not include this movie in a gold list despite a very small subplot about a gold statue in this movie because of the magnificence of striking gold when comes to an adventure movie. Harrison Ford as Jones and movie made by Speilberg and Lucas could not have been more fun to watch although some visual effects may not seem as cool as they used to seem.

What is common in all these movies is the fact that Gold is precious and people will do anything to get it.

Thankfully that is not the case at current times. You can simply buy Gold online without having to strain a river stream or plan a heist. No hiring muscles or fancy cars to get 24K Digital Gold. What’s more? You don’t have to even worry about the security of your Gold as MMTC-PAMP’s gold custodian service takes care of your Gold with their free lockers.

Buying Gold During Akshaya Tritiya is a great idea

Akshaya Tritiya blog post

An Auspicious Akshaya Tritiya with Gold

Akshaya Tritiya is a fascinating festival in the Hindu and Jain calendar due to its spiritual significance in these communities. In the next few minutes, we will be exploring and examining the significance of this festival and how can we relate it to Gold. While the backstory may be speculated by some, there are some significant relatable details about this festival that may give us a better idea, why Hindu and Jain communities believe that this is a good time for starting something new or crucial in life.

Akshaya Tritiya and the Significance of Gold

The word ‘Akshaya’ means ‘neverending prosperity’, in fact in some versions of the meaning of this word, has a meaning closer to the significance of Gold in particular. This meaning says, ‘non-corrosive’ and that’s how the neverending aspect of Gold is articulated to Gold. Gold is the most non-reactive metals in the periodic table, which makes it last longer than any other metals in it’s purest state.

A day that has an aspect of invincibility and a metal that last centuries and millennials along with the significance of prosperity with both the day and Gold being a sign of prosperity make it a perfect combination shows us the significance of this day and gold.

The second word ‘Tritiya’ means the third day of prosperity, considering it one of the most powerful days to pray to conduct Hindu rituals for prosperity. While rituals and prayers are in today’s world are a debatable subject but Hindu calendar’s existence for thousands of years shows that it indeed has some spiritual energy making it an auspicious day for starting something new or better an investment. Gold is never-ending though gold-ores are limited and that is what makes Gold a great investment opportunity during Akshaya Tritiya. An ageless investment made on a day intended for invincible prosperity. 

Gold is significant both scientifically and spiritually

While spirituality is debatable in the era where science and Math dictate our decisions, it is a scientific fact that positive energy has a positive outcome.

For example:  A study conducted to test the effect of music on water molecules might give us a better understanding. According to the study water molecules are aggressive with music such as metal and rock whereas with soft and classic music water molecules are calmer and less active.

Likewise on a day that is filled with people’s positive energy through belief regardless of the religious significance is a good day to start your story of ‘never-ending prosperity’. 

Gold has proven to be one of the most lasting and stable signs of prosperity throughout the recorded history of mankind. In time, when mankind is facing an act of disciplining by Nature through diseases, questioning humankind of their unending greed, Gold remains to be something untouched, perhaps because of its non-corrosive superpowers and mankind’s faith in this metal or the simple fact that it doesn’t rust.

Gold embodies the spiritual significance of undying prosperity literally scientifically and through the test of time which clearly confirms it to be a good idea to invest in Gold.

Buying Gold is now easier than you think

Let’s face it, we are no Indiana Jones and we aren’t Lara Croft searching for treasure in ancient tombs. However, in current times, the possibility of becoming Lara Croft is higher than going to the store and buying Gold during the lockdown. Digital Gold is your answer to invest on Akshaya Tritiya despite the situation around us. It’s online Gold, that you can buy, sell and even track prices online. In fact, if you buy Digital Gold on Finity app, you get a free and secure locker from MMTC-PAMP’s providing gold custodian services. 

So, not just is our gold investment made on an auspicious day filled with positivity and good spiritual energy but also it is secured physically in our Gold accounts so that we can stay at home concentrating on the other Gold we often overlook at home… ‘family’.

This time dark clouds have a gold lining

Golden lining

Markets have hit a rather rough patch amid concerns emanating from the pandemic. The decline is not restricted to returns on capital market instruments but also on returns offered by traditional instruments. However, this time the dark cloud has something more than just a silver lining – a gold lining.

Gold: Your friend in volatile times

Globally, gold has been known to be a safe-haven asset and tends to appreciate as investors move away from riskier asset classes.

1. Gold performance during crisis times like now:

Gold and Equity market has an inverse relationship and hence during volatile times gold always shines over equity markets.

Gold & sensex performance

2. Economies of the world have learned from mistakes

central bank

Demand for gold took off well after 2009. The sub-prime crisis of 2008 was an eye-opener and used central banks to start creating a safe-haven reserve of gold instead of the US Dollar for uncertain times like now.

3. Interest rates are expected to fall further

Gold prices rise on the back of falling interest rates. Gold and interest rates traditionally have a negative correlation. Rising interest rates make stocks, government bonds and other investments more attractive to investors, while gold becomes less attractive (hence price drops). RBI has already slashed the interest rate by 75 bps in response to the pandemic, and this may not be the last cut.

Q1 & Q4

4. Gold continues to sustain price levels; largely range-bound

Since 2007, gold has returned positive for investors in ten out of 13 calendar years

Gold returns

Key Takeaways:

Including gold in your portfolio is important to preserve the value of your investments and retirement savings during recessions to some extent. Also, it’s important to do so before the next recession if you want to fully benefit from the safe-haven nature of the precious metal.

One should aim to have an allocation of between 10%to 15% of a portfolio in gold – especially through gold
mutual funds.

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