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Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana:

  • Amith G
  • Feb 10 2022
  • 6 minutes
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Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana is the scheme introduced in 2015, 16 July—successfully running through all these six years. It was started on the idea of the Skill Development Initiative. The government of India began to it for the recognition and standardization of skills. This is a flagship scheme for skill training of youth to be implemented by the new Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship through the National Skill Development Corporation(NSDC).


  • The scheme’s main objective is to encourage the graph towards the employable skills and increase the work efficiency of the daily wage earners by providing quality training to them.
  • The training programs have been rolled out based on National Occupational Standards (NOS) and qualification packs specially developed in various skills sectors.
  • Having announced the average award amount per person as Rs 8000, those wage earners who already possess the standard level of skill will be given recognition as per the scheme rewarding them with Rs 2000 to Rs 2500.
  • The initial target award distribution laid down to be distributed through this scheme all around the skilled people is around Rs 15 billion.
  • The scheme has a target to train! Crore Indian citizens from 2016-2020 and an outlay of Rs 120 billion has been sanctioned by the cabinet for this project.


  • This scheme applies only to the candidates possessing Indian Nationality, which means they should be holding the citizenship of India.
  • It is targeting unemployed youth, college/school drop-outs.
  • Should have a variable proof of identity, either Aadhar card or Voter Id card and a bank account with active running status.

NOTE: The government ultimately pays the training and assessment fee under this scheme.

Key Points:

  • The scheme is developed and run under the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).
  • This would also benefit the training providers that the Central/State government affiliated training providers were used for training under this scheme.
  • The training would not just limit to skills of a daily wager, and it also includes soft skills, personal grooming, behavioural change for cleanliness and good work ethics.
  • The State Governments and Sector Skill Councils will closely monitor the skill training that is run actively under PMKVY.

Short Term Training:

  • Under this Short Term Training of PMKVY, involving various short term skills which involve variable training periods, this also includes soft skills as a part of the scheme.
  • The training period ranges from 150 – 300 hours.
  • On successfully finishing the training session, the candidates will also be provided with placement assistance by the training providers.

Special Projects:

  • Other than the approved Training Center’s (TC’s), there is no other place you can find Skilled training provided under government aid.
  • But with few exceptions being made by the government, there rises an option for the private institutions/ Autonomous colleges/ Corporates so-called Training Partners (TP’s) being the Central/State government stakeholders providing the training under the PMKVY scheme with few deviations from the terms and conditions.

Kaushal and Rozgar Mela:

As social mobilization has become critical these days, the government has also come up with a unique idea of implementing Kaushal and Rozgar Mela every 6months. The mentors, counsellors, and authorities have visualized that mobility and social movement will ensure the properscheme’s  growth and functional development. They duly conduct this meal every 6months with media/press coverage. They are also supposed to attend the National Career Service Melas and on-ground activities.

Monitoring Guidelines:

To ensure the excellent training of skills and to maintain high-quality standards by PMKVY TC’s, NSDC and empanelled Agencies follow different methodologies like self-audit reporting, call validation, surprise visits and monitoring through the Skills Development System (SDMS). All these methodologies were enhanced with the engagement of the latest 


Improved Scheme Policies and Objectives (2020-2021):

  • The scheme set a target of over 8 lakh candidates in 2020-2021 with a budget of  948.90 crores, while the age group of the youth should be between 15-45 years.
  • On a due hit of this pandemic, Introduction of counselling through online platforms or district-level skill information centres for information asymmetry and unbiased counselling. The needy and the motivated youth are not left disturbed or half knowledged.
  • All the certified candidates will be provided with accidental insurance of Rs 2 lakhs for the next three years. This will help to improve aspiration among the youth.
  • There appreciable improvement done over the scheme is it also included higher participation rate of deprived groups, women, transgender and people with disabilities.
  • Greater cross-utilization/ optimized utilization of the training capacities through the integration of available infrastructure from universities/colleges/It is/polytechnics/schools to spread the information on the skill development program and improve the range of participants in the coming years.

The capacity of the Sector Skill Council can be enhanced through

  • Setting up regional centres of excellence (CoE’s) by SSCs.
  • State-level chapters of SSC’s.
  • Round the year ToT’s by the SSC’s.
  • Coordination with 33 NSTI for ToT and developing CoE’s.

This scheme is compatible with the international standards by providing add-on bridge courses as this helps in employment opportunities for the youth internationally.

Under this scheme, every candidate is provided with the introduction kid that includes,

  • T-shirt (male) and Jacket (female).
  • Diary.
  • ID card holder with Lanyard.
  • Backpack.

Any information related to Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana can be accessed or known through the following website:


  • During the initial days of the launch of the PMKVY scheme, there has been a lot of struggle for the enrollment and updates of the training and training centres.
  • Due to lack of spread, there has been an underrated performance noted for this scheme.
  • Being virtual/online sessions that were upgraded due to the present-day situations, it was not so perfectly monitored and upskill training has been a breach of too many remote places.
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