Save upto Rs 46,800 in taxes in 2019

Why ELSS Mutual Funds?

  • Lowest Lock-in Period (3 years)

  • Tax exemptions upto Rs. 1,50,000

  • Tax free returns (for <Rs. 1lakhs)

  • Invest Online with 0% commissions and no fees

Save Income Tax using ELSS Mutual Funds

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Invest Lumpsum or Monthly SIP

Use Lumpsum to make up for missing 80C investments. And setup Monthly SIP to start investing every month.

Save Income Tax using ELSS Mutual Funds
Save Income Tax using ELSS Mutual Funds

Forecast of Expected Returns

Check your Expected Returns for your investment horizon

Invest in top tax saving ELSS mutual funds (0% commission)

Our Smart Recommendation Engine is built on top of scientific financial models and years of historical market data.

Save Income Tax using ELSS Mutual Funds

Comparison of returns from different tax saving products

ProductsELSS Mutual FundsBank FDPPFNSCInsurance Policy
Returns~ 15%-16%7%-8%7.6%7.6%4%-5%
Lock-in period3 years5 years15 years5 years10 years

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