Other Schemes – SEBI Classification

Other schemes- SEBI Classification

Other schemes- SEBI Classification

Other schemes as per SEBI Classification include:

  • Index Funds/ ETFs

These funds invest 95% of the investment corpus in securities belonging to a particular index which defines a market segment, like in bond or equity-oriented instruments like stocks. The famous stock indices in India are BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty. If you are looking for low or moderate risk instruments with predictable returns then, Index Fund/ ETFs is your ideal option. The top-performing Index Funds include:

  1. UTI Nifty Index Fund-Regular Plan Growth
  2. IDFC Nifty Fund Growth
  3. HDFC Index Nifty 50
  • Fund of Funds (Overseas/ Domestic)

Fund of Funds (F0Fs) are meant for investors who do not want to take much risk with their investments. These funds achieve low risk through their strategy of portfolio diversification. They invest 95% of the total assets in underlying assets rather than directly investing in stocks, bond or other securities. The funds provide tax benefits while rebalancing your assets to maintain best and equity allocation. The top-performing Fund of Funds include:

  1. Aditya Birla Sun Life Global Commodities Fund
  2. Kotak Gold Fund-Regular Plan
  3. SBI Gold Fund

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