Finity Weekly Update (Issue #15):Top tax-saving funds & more.

  • Nirav Karkera
  • Jan 19 2019
  • 3 minutes
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Tax season is as certain as sunrise.
You’ll be better off having a hat at all times!

“Request for submission of proof of investments”: This is the email subject I woke up to this morning. I realized that many, just like me, are just so engrossed in the frenzy of daily tasks that we sometimes forget our essentials – like saving tax through 80C deductible investments.

It would be too redundant to list out a comparative table enlisting tax-saving options with their pros/cons and prove how ELSS mutual fund is the best tax-saving avenue in terms of the lowest lock-in period and highest return expectation.

However today, let’s cut to the chase and let me present our top ELSS mutual fund picks for the year 2019 which will not just help you save on taxes, but also help build you some decent wealth.

For those who were expecting to learn more about ELSS mutual funds, here’s a brief video explaining everything you need to know: What are ELSS mutual funds? | How to invest in ELSS mutual funds through Finity app?

For those who do not feel like dealing with a table, here’s a brief video that pretty much sums up our top picks for 2019: Tax Saving Mutual Funds 2018-19 | Best ELSS mutual funds for 2018-19

For the avid readers who chose to skip the video, here’s what the video was all about (click on fund names for more details):

Fund Type Fund Orientation Fund Name 3-year returns 5-year returns
Aggressive mid/smallcap IDFC Tax Advantage 13.9% 16.4%
L&T Tax Advantage 14.5% 16.3%
Low-Aggressive Mid/largecap Aditya Birla SL Tax Relief 96 14.0% 19.2%
Moderate Largecap ICICI Pru LT Equity 12.0% 16.1%
DSP Tax saver 13.7% 17.6%

(Source: Morningstar; data as on 17 Jan 2018; returns are annualised)

While these are our top-picks for the year, you may choose to invest in the fund that matches your risk-appetite. Remember, the risk reduces as you move from small cap to midcap to largecap allocations.

While ELSS is the only tax-saving investment option with a lock-in period as low as three years, the equity component has been the largest wealth creator when it comes to asset classes.

While equities work like a gold mine which takes years to mine, but at the end delivers a fortune, it only helps to see what has been moving this mine in the past week.

Nifty Data

Fund News:

SBI Mutual Fund has decided to change exit load under SBI Magnum Multicap FundSBI Consumption Opportunities Fund and SBI Large & Midcap Fund with effect from January 15, 201.Now an exit load of 0.10% will be charged if redeemed within 30 days.

If you have any concern, please write to us at or call at +918048039999, we would be happy to answer your query.

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