Anybody can be a mutual fund investor with SIP

Did you know that it takes ₹100 to become an investor? Well, as curious as it sounds, it is far easier than you think to become an investor.

Anybody over 18 can be a pro-investor. Here’s how!

Did you know that it takes ₹100 to become an investor? Well, as curious as it sounds, it is far easier than you think to become an investor. If an individual has a PAN card and completed his KYC for investment, it takes only to be an adult to invest in mutual funds. But why would someone so young, want to invest in mutual funds? What kind of opportunity can it present to someone who is just out of college? 

Why would you want to be a mutual fund investor?

For every hidden Zuckerberg, Musk or Gates hidden among scholars and graduates one very essential ingredient is always missing. The ability to fund your life or career goals on your own. While this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many dreams and goals young individuals have that get lost in time because they don’t have the resources for fulfiling their dreams. This is where mutual funds could be the ticket to achieving goals and fulfiling dreams.

Anybody can invest in a lump sum mutual fund or an SIP. An SIP, is a Systematic Investment Plan where you are able to make investments on a monthly basis. While SIPs are a monthly affair, they start at ₹100/month and the investment amount can always be adjusted. It allows you to invest in regular intervals. It is also called the “planned way of investing.” It helps investors to cultivate a habit of saving and accomplish the goal of wealth creation. You can invest on an SIP on the go on Finity app where SIPs are extremely easy to maintain can be tracked 24×7 with real-time tracking and much more.

How do you determine the amount and time for the investment necessary to achieve your goals?

Ever had the burning sensation of a new idea in your mind and did not know where to start? It gets tragic when people don’t work on their ideas because they do not have the financial resources. Here is what you need to do. You need to calculate how much time and how much money you would have to invest to achieve your goal. Such calculations may get overwhelming unless there is a tool which can calculate your investment requirements based on goals and invest accordingly. ‘Save for a Goal’ tool on Finity app can help in doing so.

It takes a matter of seconds to select your goal on this tool and it will not only project the amount that you need to save for your goal but the amount of investment that is necessary to be made. You can also toggle with your risk appetite and plan your investment to save your particular goal.

What if your investment KYC isn’t done?

It has been made mandatory by the Government of India, to complete a once in a life-time KYC  process which allows people to invest in Indian mutual funds. It might sound like a task but it isn’t much of an effort if you get it done on Finity app. It takes only a few minutes to complete it as long as you have your essential documents with you. It’s completely paperless and does not levy any charges

Don’t have dreams? You definitely need to start an SIP, then. With SIP, you would have to invest in regular investments helping you in maintaining a healthy financial routine because you know that a minimal portion of your income would go for your investment every month. Such investments would help to practise discipline when it comes to managing your funds or finances.

In other words, c’est la vie and start an SIP, only on Finity app from an early phase of your career, so that you can use your professional skills to fulfil your dreams and not just others.

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