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When a fund house introduces a new mutual fund scheme, it goes by the name New Fund Offer, allowing the firm to raise capital for purchasing securities. One such fund house – Motilal Oswal has launched a New Fund Offer in the large & midcap category – Motilal Oswal Large & Midcap Fund. The category & NFO is expected to benefit from the evolving economic scenarios by way of capturing the uptrend and insulating against headwinds in an optimal fashion.

The fund is suitable for investors having a long-term investment horizon and seeking optimal appreciation across cycles.

Fund Overview:

  • The best part of this NFO is its price for its early investors. Be it the NAV or the exit load, this NFO is the best in its category because the rate at which the NAV is offered is just INR 10/unit and the fund has an exit load of 1% if redeemed within 15 days and none thereafter.
  • The investment objective is to provide medium to long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in Large and Mid-cap stocks with a targeted ratio at 50:50. However, the AMC may have an underlying philosophy of maintaining at 35:35 with the rest being flexible for allocation between equities and debt. Thus giving you an excellent balance of relative conservatism with great growth opportunities.
  • Given our research team’s primary interaction & understanding with the executives at Motilal Oswal, the fundamentals and philosophy seem well-positioned considering currently evolving market dynamics.

Its simple, be an early adopter, get lower NAVs and achieve higher gains!

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