Finity Weekly Update (Issue #12): Life Hacks to a healthy & wealthy 2019 & more!

One of those lessons is that you aren’t in charge of everything. Do what you can, and then relax.

— Carl Richards, The Behavior Gap

As 2018 has come to a close, most of us will yet again commit to the most clichéd yet dreamy resolution – to get our health and wealth in the right shape. Years have changed, resolutions have been made, resolutions have been shattered and once again we believe that we will get it right this time.

However, this time is different. We are going to share a definitive guide to setting your health & wealth in order for sure. While at the end of the day it is only your personal effort that can make you stay the course, this is an attempt to minimising your efforts and yet achieving the desired results.

ProTip #1: Tie your commitment to a time-bound goal

Target a goal that you wish to achieve over a period of your choice. Let a life event be a motivation to drive that goal. This will lend a friendly perspective to your New Year’s resolution.

Health: Target to fit in that summer dress till summer hits or to be able to wear that slim-fit shirt by the time you have the next Christmas party at your office.

Wealth: Focus on buying that watch, motorcycle or fancy dress you’ve been gazing at, on the internet. More importantly, think of how and when you want to use it.

ProTip #2: Stop thinking, just do it.

The first step may be pretty small, but it gets half the job done. Rest is just momentum. DO NOT get caught in the paralysis of analysis, DO NOT think too much, just do it and the remaining will fall in place.

Health: It is important to wake up and at least stand on the floor. Seriously, don’t aim to walk multiple kilometers, just aim to wake up and stand on the floor; the rest is momentum.

Life Hack #1: If you still feel like iron to a magnetic bed, push yourself to brush your teeth. This should get you going.
Life Hack #2: DO NOT wait to buy that fitness band or clothes to begin!

Wealth: Just open your Finity app and make an SIP investment – doesn’t matter if it is just INR 100. Don’t think much. Open the app, click on build wealth and just do what the app says. DO NOT think about the fund or the markets or anything else – just do it without a thought!

ProTip #3: Keep Tracking

Progress is all about monitoring and altering the course as needed. Just like you monitor your walk or drive to a destination and make appropriate turns to reach your destination, everything in life needs to be monitored.

Health: Set up a routine and a diary that records your health priorities – it could be your weight or even inches. The key is doing it at the same time every day.

Wealth: Track your investments closely every day at the same time. It is imperative to follow this in letter & spirit – just “track” it, do not take any actions. Finity’s fund surveillance team will get in touch with you if there is anything to worry about.

If you are hoping to read & understand more ProTips, you are forgetting ProTip #2 – DO NOT try to over-analyse; just do what you should be doing.

While we expect you focus on what you should be doing and achieving a clean strike on your New Year’s resolution, here’s what the market & economies have been doing for the past week:

Nifty data on up scaling wealth

Fund News:

Canara Robeco mutual fund has decided to change the benchmark of Canara Robeco emerging equities fund from S&P BSE 200 Total Return Index to Nifty Large Midcap 250 TRI with effect from January 01, 2019.

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