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Goal Based Investments – How it works?

  • Nirav Karkera
  • Jan 21 2019
  • 2 minutes
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As we all are accustomed with the fact that some events are certain to happen, like education or retirement. How many of us plan for them? Investing with a goal is very important. Just by asking few questions we understand your tenure and amount of goal. This helps us to compute what investments would be feasible to contain your monthly investments towards the goal. Mutual funds help to fund your financial goals with a wide range of products that helps to achieve you goals over a long period of time.

Following are few guidelines we follow that help us in determining the best products:

  1. Longer the horizon of the goal better it is as more risk can be taken which will generate higher returns. Conversely, a goal that is near requires investing in safe instruments.
  2. A long-term goal is affected by inflation- for eg. It would be very difficult for you to predict your retirement 15 years from today. We use advanced research and cutting-edge technology backed recommendations to estimate what your requirement after 15 years would look like today’s terms taking into consideration ‘inflation’.

After this we then help you to invest through SIP or one-time amounts for achieving goals through best instruments. We then closely track the progress of your investments made.

screen shots of your goals

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