Hope with Hospicash

It is essential to note that mediclaims do not provide an allowance for every cost incurred at the time of hospitalization. Hospicash takes care of some of these expenses conveniently and hassle-free. It comes also with several enhanced benefits and does not require any medical check-ups for application, unlike other health insurance policies. But first let’s understand what Hospicash is and how can it aid you at the time of crisis.

Whats is Hospicash?

Hospicash provides cash benefits in the case of hospitalization. With this benefit, you get a certain fixed amount of cash for each day of hospitalization.

What Are The Major Benefits of Hospicash?

    • No Paperwork: Hospicash does not require any paperwork and can be applied online, instantly.
    • No Medical Examination Required: Unlike, other health insurance schemes, there isn’t any requirement of a medical check-up before application.
    • Enhanced Accident, ICU & Convalescence benefit: All the benefits against accident, ICU and convalescence are upgraded for this policy.
    • Instant & Hassle-Free Claim Settlement: It’s instant and it’s easy to settle Hospicash claims with the adequate documentation in hand.
    • Daily Hospicash benefits on Hospitalization: Hospicash gives its holders the convenience of a special allowance for daily expenses.


How to Make A Claim For Hospicash?

Here are the steps for claiming your Hospicash policy:


  1. The claims require documentation based on the requirements of the policyholder as proof. Submit the adequate documents with the filled claim form.
  2. If there are any issues in the documentation the insurance provider will send a deficiency letter to the claiming party, within 7 days of receiving the claim application.
  3. Once all documents have been received the insurance company will send an offer of settlement and an adjoining statement within 30 days of having received the application successfully.


FAQs on Hospi Cash



How long can I avail the Hospi Cash benefits for?



You can avail daily hospitalization benefits for up to 30 days.



How much do I have to invest in HospiCash per year for Rs. 45,000?



For sum assured of Rs. 45,000 and it can be availed with a premium of approximately Rs. 750 per year.



What is the minimum sum assured that I can avail in Hospi Cash?



You can apply for a minimum sum assured of Rs. 2,500.



What is the maximum sum assured amount that I can be insured for, in Hospi Cash?



You can apply for a maximum sum assured amount of Rs. 1,50,000



Do I need to get a medical check-up for this insurance?



No, you do not need any medical check-up to apply for this insurance.


Hosipcash is easy to apply for, hassle-free and covers a lot of hospitalization expenses on a daily basis to help you hope and relieve you of the financial stress involved in hospitalization costs.