Sip with insurance

Insurance cover with mutual fund investments. Should you opt for it?

Only a person living under the rock may not have heard about mutual funds today. We have grown up hearing about mutual funds especially that they are ‘subject to market risk’. Mutual funds have been a popular investment product for a very long time. It is an easy investment product that allows the investors to gain potentially higher returns at relatively lower costs. There are many types of mutual funds in the market for the investor to choose from like equity mutual funds, debt mutual funds or hybrid mutual funds. 

Apart from this, the investors now are getting the option of adding an insurance cover to their investment.

We discuss the details of such insurance cover that comes with a  mutual fund investment. The pros and cons of the same as well as its need.  (more…)

Stocks Vs Equity Mutual funds

Where should you invest? Stocks or Equity Mutual Funds?

When we talk about investment in the stock market, the majority of investors relate it to equity alone. But there are many options for the investor to invest in stock markets. Among the most favored or rather popular ones for quite some time have been mutual funds. Mutual funds are further of many variants like equity mutual funds, debt mutual funds, and hybrid mutual funds. But for an average investor, it is often difficult to decide which is a better investment among stocks and mutual funds. While making an investment, investors have to look at many options and select the one based on their needs, investment goals, budget, returns, expenses or risks associated with the investment, etc. 

Given below are the meaning and differences between stocks and equity mutual funds that will help the investors make better investment decisions. (more…)

How to save taxes without making additional investments under Sec 80C?

Making tax savings investments is a ritual that every taxpayer has to go through before the end of every financial year. There are many tax-saving schemes and options available for taxpayers in the Income Tax Act which helps them save a chunk of tax as well as make significant investments in the process. 

The most common and widely used tax-saving provision available in the Act is Section 80C. There are many options that the taxpayers can invest in under section 80C and claim the benefit of a deduction up to Rs. 1,50,000 from their gross total income. Some of the options available under section 80C are an investment in PPF, LIC, tax saving mutual funds, fixed deposits, Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, NPS, repayment of home loans, etc.

Other tax saving options

Apart from Section 80C, the Act provides many more tax-saving options for the taxpayers to reduce their tax liabilities. Some of such tax saving options that you could consider for saving taxes before investing additional money under Sec 80C are (more…)

Taxes on Mutual fund investments- How do they work?

The current generation has grown up listening about mutual funds. The most common thing anyone knows about then is that they are subject to market risks. Mutual funds are an easy and effective way of investment for all age groups. But when it comes to taxes on mutual funds not many are aware of how they are taxed and that’s when the investor has to bear the tax brunt. 

We bring you all the details that you need to know about how your mutual fund investments are taxed. We advise you to bookmark 🔖this page for your reference. 


Tax saving for senior citizens

Tax saving options suitable for senior citizens

India is a relatively young country but has a significant senior citizen population. Any person over the age of 60 years is termed as a senior citizen in India. The Government of India provides many incentives for the benefit of the senior citizens of the country in terms of health care, tax benefits, etc. There are many schemes that are centered to provide not only a retirement fund at the time of old age but also provide tax benefits to the senior citizens. 

Given below are a few popular choices for tax-saving schemes that can be used by senior citizens to not only build a corpus fund but also save some taxes along the way. (more…)