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Top 7 myths around mutual fund investing debunked

In today’s complex financial markets, Mutual funds remain one of the most trusted investment options for those looking to create wealth. However, like any area of investment, mutual funds have their share of misunderstandings or myths among investors. These tend to build an unrealistic image of mutual funds in the eyes of investors. As more investors in India are considering mutual funds as a good investment alternative, it is important for experts to debunk some of these myths to help create a positive investment environment.

Here, we present some common myths around mutual funds that investors should not believe in and why. (more…)

Your mobile wallet can soon turn into a debit card- MoneyBite Newsletter 10 Apr


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This week RBI kept its benchmark rates unchanged in its first policy meeting, which means your loan interest rates and the deposit rates remain pretty much the same. This move was expected and is required to support the growth of the economy through this phase. 

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Your mobile wallet can turn into a debit card soon


Sip with insurance

Insurance cover with mutual fund investments. Should you opt for it?

Only a person living under the rock may not have heard about mutual funds today. We have grown up hearing about mutual funds especially that they are ‘subject to market risk’. Mutual funds have been a popular investment product for a very long time. It is an easy investment product that allows the investors to gain potentially higher returns at relatively lower costs. There are many types of mutual funds in the market for the investor to choose from like equity mutual funds, debt mutual funds or hybrid mutual funds. 

Apart from this, the investors now are getting the option of adding an insurance cover to their investment.

We discuss the details of such insurance cover that comes with a  mutual fund investment. The pros and cons of the same as well as its need.  (more…)




Stocks Vs Equity Mutual funds

Where should you invest? Stocks or Equity Mutual Funds?

When we talk about investment in the stock market, the majority of investors relate it to equity alone. But there are many options for the investor to invest in stock markets. Among the most favored or rather popular ones for quite some time have been mutual funds. Mutual funds are further of many variants like equity mutual funds, debt mutual funds, and hybrid mutual funds. But for an average investor, it is often difficult to decide which is a better investment among stocks and mutual funds. While making an investment, investors have to look at many options and select the one based on their needs, investment goals, budget, returns, expenses or risks associated with the investment, etc. 

Given below are the meaning and differences between stocks and equity mutual funds that will help the investors make better investment decisions. (more…)

Are we looking at another Lehman rerun with the Archegos capital sell-off? – Money Bites Newsletter 02 Apr

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Short bites to keep you informed of matters that impact your wallet and wealth

What’s up, everyone?

We enter a new financial year this week. And the Govt decided to give us a shocker by cutting interest rates of small savings schemes like PPF, NSC, Sukanya Samruddhi Yojana, etc but thankfully withdrew the order. The earlier rates stand good.

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Are we looking at another Lehman rerun with the Archegos Capital debacle?