Top Midcap Mutual Funds

Top Midcap Mutual Funds

DSP Mid-Cap Fund (D)

+13.92% (Past 5Y)

Fund Details 
Risk CapacityModerately High
Min. SIPRs.500
Risk Level Above Average
CategoryEquity, Mid-Cap

Fund Performance3Y5Y
DSP Mid-cap Fund - Direct Plan - Growth6.25 %12.71 %
Benchmark1.71 %8.92 %

Why Mid-Cap Funds?

If are looking for faster growth and have an appetite for a high-risk can invest in mid-cap funds.
A fund that focuses on companies with a market cap in the middle range of listed stocks. Midcap companies tend to offer more growth potential than any other stocks with less volatility. Click here to see our detailed fund analysis.

Other Top Mid-Cap Funds

Axis Midcap Fund Direct Plan

5Y Returns: 12.53 %
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L&T Midcap Fund Direct Plan

5Y Returns: 12.66 %
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21.49% (पिछले 1 साल मे): निवेश कीजिए IDFC गवर्नमेंट सिक्युरिटीज कांस्टेंट मेचुरिटी फंड मे

Get 21.49% (past 5Y) returns in IDFC Govt. Securities Constant Maturity fund!

large cap fund

Top Large Cap Fund of 2019

Axis Bluechip Fund(D)

+14% (Past 3Y)

Fund Details 
Risk CapacityModerately High
Risk Level Above Average
CategoryEquity, Large-Cap

Fund Performance3Y
Axis Bluechip Fund(D)14%
Benchmark9.6 %

Why Large Cap Fund?

These are popular for their consistent returns over some time and have a good track record in the market backed by healthy corporate governance practices. Click here to see our detailed fund analysis.

Other Top Large-Cap Funds

Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund

3Y Returns: 11.75%
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Sundaram Select Focus Fund

3Y Returns: 11.83%
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NPS – your perfect choice to save extra up to ₹15,480!

True freedom is when we have financial independence and security, isn’t it? We invest with the hope to achieve this goal. How about you invest in a government-backed scheme that not only secures your retirement but also gives you the right exposure to equity and helps you to save tax?
Yes, Finity smartly puts all your investment needs in one box and presents to you…

National Pension Scheme

NPS is a government introduced retirement plan, regulated by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA). NPS has a perfect definition of diversification as it includes equity, bonds, and government securities in its scheme. This composition of NPS yields returns ~9% to 12% which is way higher than other pension options such as PPF (7.9%), APY (8%), SCSS (8.6%) and FDs (8.25%).

Not just that! Under section 80 CCD, NPS lets you save upto ₹15,480 in taxes (over and above savings under section 80C) if you invest ₹50000 in any financial year.

Let’s see a sample NPS portfolio for a 35-year-old who makes a monthly contribution of just ₹5000 in NPS until the age of 60 years. Assuming an interest rate of 10%, he would earn a total pension wealth of ₹65,96,366 with just a principal amount of ₹15 lakh. Thanks to the power of monthly compounding!!

Top Balanced Mutual Funds

Top Balanced Mutual Funds

TATA Retirement Savings Progressive Fund (D)

+15.13% (Past 5Y)

Fund Details 
Risk CapacityAverage
Min. SIPRs.500
Risk Level Average
CategoryHybrid, Balanced

Fund Performance3Y5Y
TATA Retirement Savings Progressive Fund11.29%13.43%

Why Balanced Fund?

A Balanced Fund or also called Hybrid Fund is an investment that provides you the best of both categories(Stocks and Bond). A relatively safe Debt and potential wealth creation of Equity under the same portfolio. Click here to see our detailed fund analysis.

Other Top Balanced Funds

SBI Equity Hybrid Fund

5Y Returns: 12.89%
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DSP Equity & Bond Fund

5Y Returns: 11.31%
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Gold Prices Spiked ~19% (YTD) Buy 24K Digital Gold Now!

Did you know that the price of gold has risen nearly 8% so far this August and about 19% in 2019? Yet, we Indians still love gold. But is it wise to buy it in its physical form?
Let’s find out!!

  • 1gm of gold today costs Rs. 4000. But the price turns out to be high when you buy physical gold as it includes making charges and taxes.
  • Purchase of physical gold causes you to worry about its safety and maintenance. Leaving the gold at home can raise the concern of theft, whereas placing it at banks can cost storage charges.
  • Liquidity can be an issue — there’s no guarantee that you will get the complete resale value on your gold.

Is there a better alternative to physical gold?
Finity has just the right solution. Buy gold for as low as Rs.1000 !!! Presenting…

24 karat Digital Gold with 99.5% Purity!

Digital Gold gives you the freedom to buy gold at an affordable live price quoted. Also combines the benefit of safety by offering BRINK’s – secure locker with 100% insurance cover. Not just that; You can sell any amount of gold above just Rs.1 and get the amount credited to your bank account within 3 days or get it delivered at your doorstep in the form of gold bars & coins.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity!

Decoding Side-pocketing in mutual funds!

Side-pocket, as literally explanatory, is a provisional pocket to cast aside a certain fraction of the total funds available – in our context, to the mutual fund.

Side-pocketing as a concept was first brought into mainstream discussions in 2015 when Amtek Auto’s credit rating was downgraded by several notches and was classified as a potential default. At the time, JP Morgan AMC had significant exposure to Amtek Auto’s debt instruments and the investors incurred heavy losses on account of the write-off in value. Now, such negative returns triggered panic and heavy redemptions by investors – now, as you can imagine, Amtek Auto’s securities were illiquid (could not be sold since there were no buyers) and the AMC had to start offloading good & liquid instruments to meet redemption requirements and as a result, the proportion of good to bad securities dropped and the AMC was left with a larger exposure to the bad assets – practically causing a run on the system. Though JP Morgan tried freezing redemptions, but the regulator did not permit such a restriction. This led to discussions around the possibility of mutual funds creating a side-pocket.


RBI’S INR 1.76 Lakh Crore Defibrillation to The Indian Economy

Following Nirmala Sitharaman’s prescribed economic booster shot late last Friday, RBI decided to inject the Government coffers with a heavy dosage of surplus reserves of INR 1.76 lakh crore late evening yesterday.

This slew of economy-reinvigorating measures by the GoI and RBI’s large-hearted contribution comes amid a time when India is surrounded by a global, synchronized slowdown. This time, with global pressure mounting and the Indian economy staring at a downside risk of 30bps-40bps, RBI loosened its grip on fiscal prudence and seems to have acknowledged stimulus as the need of the hour.

The Bimal Jalan committee was set up under the stewardship of the renowned former RBI governor Bimal Jalan with an objective to recommend ways to utilize RBI’s excess cash reserve and part transfer to the Government of India. Though RBI has been among the most resilient Central Banks globally in terms of deviating from the established norms for fiscal prudence, the committee’s recommendations were reportedly guided by the fact that the central bank’s resilience should be in line with larger public policy objectives.


Top Tax Saving Mutual Funds

Top ELSS Mutual Funds

Axis Long Term Equity Fund (D)

+14.38% (Past 5Y)

Fund Details 
Risk CapacityModerately High
Min. SIPRs.500
Risk Level Above Average
CategoryEquity, ELSS Tax-Saving

Fund Performance3Y5Y
Axis Long Term Equity Fund10.42 %14.38 %
Benchmark9.25 %9.47 %

Why Tax Saving ELSS?

Create Wealth and Save Tax at the same time, with ELSS that allows an individual a deduction upto Rs.1.5 Lacs from your total Income. Click here to see our detailed fund analysis.

Other Top ELSS Funds

DSP Tax Saver Fund - Direct Plan - Growth Mutual Fund

5Y Returns: 13.21%
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Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 Growth

5Y Returns: 13.35%
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